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Yacht rental on the sea - Self drive
(Skipper license is required)
Yacht rental on canals & rivers of Europe - Self drive
(Skipper license NOT required, instruction provided)
Yacht rental with crew to sail on the sea Luxurious Motor or Sail Yacht Turkish Gulet
Yacht rental with crew on the rivers of Europe Barge Cruise , Luxurious Hotel Yacht
Ship pleasure cruise Mediterranean
(start from Israeli harbors)
Ship pleasure cruise worldwide
(start from harbors abroad)
Ship river cruises on main rivers of Europe
I don't have knowledge in Yacht, Boats, or Ship cruises and I need general advice and information
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Note! Sea cruise ships have rooms for 2-3-4 passangers.
River Barge cruises have rooms for 1 or 2 passangers.
The prices are for a single person in a room.
The price for Self Driven Yachts covers all passangers.
(Please specify model and length if you know it, name of requested ship, requested cruise company and any other relevant information)